Four Swords Games


In case you hadn’t noticed, this website is pretty underdeveloped. Yay life. Whatever. There should be some links about that are more exciting. Notably, you’ll want to check out Arcane Duels (our main product).

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We make all kinds of dumb things. Check them out!

Arcane Duels: A tactical trading card game.

Battle of Squares: A quick, group game about taking over the board.

Haste RPG: A high-fantasy table-top role-playing game with an emphasis on being quick to play. Probably will evolve into Zaradu RPG. (making it pretty…)

Zaradu RPG: A table-top role-playing game (think D&D) set in the same world as Arcane Duels (planned).

The Last Council: A card game for groups. Some are good, some are evil. All are hidden. Which side will triumph? (planned)