Summer 2017

Alternatively, this could be titled, “I haven’t forgotten about Four Swords Games, I promise.”

Alright. So what’s been happening this summer?

  • Haste RPG got written. From scratch. And playtested. Go me. I’m making it pretty, and then it will be available to purchase.
  • Arcane Duels Gen II Decks got assembled on the backend. I’m ordering those so I can start playtesting. Let’s say those will be available to purchase within two months. That should be doable.
  • An Arcane Duels player sent in a custom deck they had built! This is really cool – I support you all being engaged. We talked about it a little bit and are making some tweaks (or rather, I said I would and haven’t gotten around to putting in my edits and sending them back to said fan for approval yet), but it’s fairly likely that we’ll see a fan-made deck get released soon! (Side note #2: fan decks are not expected to be part of the official story/cannon, so feel free to throw things together, as long as they do not violate copyright. If I like them and feel like they fit well with the other cards and what’s coming, we can work together to get it published).
  • I wrote a lot of code at my internship. Seem unrelated? It’s not. We might see derpy video games released. Or, more excitingly, video game versions of these games. Or, more excitingly (andĀ really unlikely), online versions that let you play other people. Don’t get your hopes up, but, well… get them up anyways.

It’s not an exciting update. Just an admission that this does still exist and I am still working on things. Having an internship kept me busier than I’d like, though. School is starting soon as well, so while I’ll try and crank some things out here in the next two weeks, there are no promises.

Hope all is well, and that your summers went well. Happy gaming!


The Order of the Dragon

The town of Spinner’s End is not particularly important to many people, seeing as it is a frontier town in the southwest. However, it is surrounded by forest, and where the trees are cut down, it is relatively safe. Seeing as logging is needed to encourage the beasts to stay away, Spinner’s End has become an important part of the logging industry.

Spinner’s End has also become important because of a family that lived there once. The Vashimis had two sons – Jake and Paul. When their parents died, the young Jake and Paul decided to become monster hunters. This was a poor idea. They were both brutally murdered, and the corpses were not recovered.

Years later, two mysterious men appeared. One called himself Salgul, believed himself to be a displaced god, and struck out on his own to find his godhood. The other called himself Znasuun, and claimed that he was the reincarnation of Paul Vashimi. He spoke of great powers in the wilderness, old magic that lingered on in powerful beings. While he would not provide any more information, he saw fit to establish an order to begin the advancement of human knowledge. This was the Order of the Dragon, trained in martial combat so that they could venture into the wild safely, and study the beasts that had some mastery over magic with so little apparent effort. The Order was secret, but it produced many great warriors and many scholars, and after some time, the most basic rules of magic were established and put down in the Principia Alchemica.

Magic still resides primarily in those lucky few who are blessed with an intuitive grasp, but a new breed has risen. There are Summoners in the world, who use prewritten spells stored on special scrolls to bind the monsters of the world to their will. There are Alchemists, who study the nature of magic, combining different objects with inherent magical potential to create a reaction.

But as the Order of the Dragon grows in its knowledge and strength, it is beginning to crack into an old world, full of ancient magic and raw power. The head of the Order of the Dragon, Znasuun, now sits in their secret stronghold in Spinner’s End, wondering at this new world. He has seen it once before, and unlike his brother, who rashly went to join it, Znasuun is almost ready to wrench it out of the darkness, back into the light of the modern day.

There are those who, waking from sleep and seeking to walk off a half-remembered nightmare, can hear Znasuun talking to himself from his room. Though they never speak of it, his words echo in their mind, and they are both enchanted and terrified by the tales of Tzacolcocha, the Sky-Serpent, or Gavriskya, the Prophet of Stone, or Xoltikama, or Wal Satpon, or Nadrogma…

When they return to slumber, their last thought is one of profound resignation: The Old World is coming back.

Finally! Some more lore!

Probably should have started giving you more of a history about the political situation and what day-to-day life is like, but I figured I’d rather begin to reveal the overall plot for what’s happening in the next few years. Also magic, because magic is fun. And while I can’t publish the Principia Alchemica right now, I do have an idea behind it. My magic isn’t hand-waving; it’s got rules and it will follow them.

This also shows that the island of Zaradu is much older than the current human civilization there. And yes, humans only. No elves or dwarves or other such staple fantasy races. At least, so far. After all, they do exist in the world, just not on Zaradu. Oh, and yes, Zaradu is no longer alone, but I think I’ll sit on that a little longer.

Arcane Duels Price Drop

After poking around and tweaking things a little, I have managed to drop the prices on Arcane Duels. All Generation I Decks now cost $19.99 if you are purchasing everything, and only $9.99 if you are only purchasing the deck. While Arcane Duels Complete has also been updated, I left the price the same (19.99 * 7 = 139.93 > 99.99 so you’re still getting a good deal).

This also has some exciting changes in that the boards have been completely redone, and both the card list and the rulebook have been shifted into downloadable PDFs (yay technology!).

In addition, a new rulebook is under development (I’m going to place a hopeful deadline of one month to get it finished for myself). I’ll put up a comment on this post if I find a way to bring down the price of Booster Packs as well.

Site Updates

Some boring updates, but hopefully they’ll be exciting to some of you.

First of all – we have a better setup to let you follow this blog and get updates. There should be a link at the bottom allĀ pages that will you let follow via email (this should make life nicer for those of you without WordPress accounts). I am aware that it’s bright blue. That’s a future me problem.

Secondly, we’ve thrown up some other resources for Arcane Duels for those of you who want to get really good at the game. This includes rules for building your own custom decks (those might get tweaked over time), several competitive play formats (also subject to tweaking), and a card list for the collectors out there.

Lastly, things to look for in the future: a redesign of the website (hopefully), a new and improved (and online) edition of the Arcane Duels rulebook, possibly a change in what gets sold via Arcane Duels to bring down the price a little, and (if all goes according to plan), more games!

April and May 2017

I am pleased to announce the arrival of the Generation I Booster Packs for Arcane Duels! These more than double the number of cards in the game, and allow you to create much more powerful custom decks. Check them out here!

There is another game that is almost ready for publication (I need to finish making all the technology work out; it is ready). It’s a good vs. evil race to collect loot in a randomly generated dungeon. There have been better sells… one of them will be made when I post it.

Plans for the next month… are nonexistent. We’ll see what happens.

Happy gaming!